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DCM 115

  • 2-way full-range coaxial system Loaded With 15”/1.5”
  • Very precise coverage in horizontal and vertical axes(90° x90°)
  • 125dB Max. SPL
  • Multifunctional trapezoidal enclosure with 17 flying points
  • DCM 115-Misusefulaswedge monitor

The DCM 115 is a compact full range coaxial sytem, high power loudspeaker system with 15” and 1.5” transducers With a coverage of 90 x 90 degrees, the DCM 115 is the ultimate tool for medium and long throw applications If a wider horizontal coverage or a higher SPL is needed it is possible to combine more systems to powerful arrays with very homogenous sound dispersion Even at distance the DCM 115 sounds very direct, also at very high sound pressure levels the sound is crystal clear and free of color-tion For music programme the use of a subwoofer is recommendable

The well-considered design of the DCM 115 enclosure and the variety of mounting hardware options allow flexible usage in various sound applications With the 3” driver the DCM 115 has the best of both worlds: the fine resolution of a 3” driver and the pure power of 1.5” driver The Horn provide consistent pattern control in both axes already from 1.4kHz upwards The highly efficient 15” loudspeaker in an optimum ported enclosure produces dear, bone dry lows with high sound pressure levels

The total quality of a passive loudspeaker design, like the DCM 115, depends not only on the use of very high quality woofers and drivers, but a major part of the overall quality depends on the design of the cross-over network Apart from the exactly turned compensation filters, we use for the first time a passive two step all pass filter, to optimise the phase response and time alignment between the two transducers The result is a hardly noticeable transition between the woofer and the horn driver and a perfect “off axis” frequency response starting at 500 Hz For extra safety there is a built in limiter circuit for the 3” driver

The DCM 115 can be used in horizontal and vertical plane A revolving 90x90 degree flare gives the freedom to adjust the DCM 115 for the wanted coverage The enclosure has a trapezoidal shape with two cluster angles, 9 signal stud rigging points and an internal pole mount The DCM 115 version has one side with an angle of 40 degrees for use as a floor monitor

With the DCM 115 the most exacting user gets an excellent full range system that combine the highest possible audio quality with impressive high sound pressure levels

Design 2-Way Full Range Coaxial System
Freq. Response -10 dB 50 Hz – 18kHz
Freq. Response ±3 dB 55 Hz – 17.5kHz
Coverage angle (nominal) 90° x90° HT (hor. x vert.)
Directivity index (DI) 12 (+1.5/-2) 450Hz – 14.6 kHz
Power Handling (nominal) 450 W
SPL 2.83 V / 1 m 98 dB
Max. SPL 125 dB (SPL peeak / 1 m)
Components 15” low-mid chassis

1.5”High frequency driver with 75mm

Titanium diaphragm
Crossover 1.4 kHz 12dB / octave, automatic resetable

Driver protection, passive allpass filter to

Optimize phase response and time alignment
Impedance 8 ?
Connectors 2x Neutrik NI4 ±1

Trapezoidal enclosure with extra cluster

Angles out of 18 mm multiplex with highly

Resistant structured paint in black,

2 ergonomic butterfly handles,

Ball proof steel grille with exchangeable,

Acoustic foam
Flyware 17 flying points
Dimension 466 x 502 x 608 mm
Weight (kg) N.W:26.5 G.W:30
Options 40° monitor wedge