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Our Product

Coaxial Speaker

The DCM 115 is a compact full range coaxial sytem, high power loudspeaker system with 15" and 1.5" transducers With a coverage of 90 x 90 degrees,

Full Range Speaker

The DC-15 is a compact full range, high power loudspeaker system with  15" and 1" transducers With a coverage  of 90 x 50 degrees

Line Array Speaker

The LA 118S2 is a front-loaded single 18" low frequency enclosure designed to give sub-bass reinforcement to LA 118S2

Subwoofer Speaker

When a strong sub-bass foundation is desired, the high power Subwoofer DSW2000 is the ideal supplement to the Full Range Systems
Power Amplifier

Depending on the high sound quality and reliable function, MA Series is recommended to all of world. With the rapid development of technology