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MR 9000

Depending on the high sound quality and reliable function, MA Series is recommended to all of world. With the rapid development of technology, our audio engineers set a higher standard to MA amplifier products. MA amplifier is now consolidating its position as a leadig series of pro amplifiers.

Itís the first choice of professionals, no matter in tour show, studio or fixed installation. The exact analysis of sound is the most outstanding feature of MA. It has clear high frequency response and breathaking low frequency response.


  • Intelligent temperature control.
  • Advanced power control system.
  • Built-in independent power supply.
  • For safety, you can control power pressure and cut power supply.
  • SOA intelligent non-contact control and protection system ensure amplifier is available in any workig environment.
  • Two-way independent power supply.
  • Ring-shaped transformer provides power output, and EMC screen has strong anti electromagnetic capability.
  • Sealed wind channel can improve the heat transfer efficient and reduce fault on account of dust.
  • Topology : Class H.
  • Ultimate output : 4200W/8 ohm.
  • Use SOA intelligent non-contact control and protection circuit.
  • Intelligent temperature controlling & air cooling system.
  • EMC screen has strong anti electromagnetic capability.
  • 80000uf power filter with high pressure-resisting and high capacity capacitance.

Model MR 9000

Power output (W)
1KHz, 0.5% THD+N

Stereo 8 ohm 940W
Stereo 4 ohm 1500W
Bridged MONO 8 ohm 3000W
Frequency response (1W@8 ohm) 20Hz-20kHz+0/-0.25dB
THD+N (Continous power, 8 ohm/1kHz) ?0.01%
S/N rate (20Hz-20kHz full load) ?105dB
Slew rate 60V/us
Damping factor ?800:1
Cross talk ?80dB
Input impedance 20k ohm(Balanced)/10k ohm(Unbalanced)
Input sensitivity 0.775V/1.0V/1.44V
CMRR ?70dB
Voltage gain (@1.44V/1V/0.775V) 86.7x/ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Input compression ratio 20:1
Dimension (WxDxH) 133(3U)mmx483(19*)mm x 471mm
Weight 40kg