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WL 12

The WL12 is a line array loudspeaker for medium scale sound reinforcement. Using the WL12 Flying Frame it can be flown in vertical columns with up to 16 cabinets giving a 90 constant dipersion pattern in the horizontal plane.

WL12 is a 3-way design housing 2x12" LF drivers, 2x6.5" MID drivers and 2x1" driver with 1"x6" line array horn.
The cylindrical wave segments of each cabinet can couple without gaps and sum up coherently. Splay angles between adjacent cabinets can be set in the range from 0 to 6.


  • High power maximum SPL 130dB continous, 136dB peak (single unit)
  • Wide bandwith 50Hz 20kHz
  • True 90 (-6dB) horizontal mid and HF pattern control
  • Fast, integral rigging system with variable splay angles
  • Common grid can be used for flying or ground stacking

    FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-3dB) 50Hz 20kHz
    DRIVERS 2x12"(300mm)/3"(75mm) voice coil LF
    2x6.5"(165mm)/1.5"(38mm) voice coil MID
    2x1"(25mm) exit compression driver HF
    RATED POWER 960W RMS,2400W peak
    SENSITIVITY 102dB 1 watt/1 metre
    MAXIMUM SPL 130dB continous, 136dB peak
    IMPEDANCE 8 ohms nominal
    PASSIVE 1 Speaker 3 NC
    2 NC 4 NC
    BI - AMP 1 LF 3 HF
    2 MF 4 NC
    LF : 600 W 8 ?
    MF : 200 W 8 ?
    HF : 160 W 8 ?
    DISPERSION (-6dB) Horizontal coverage : 100
    VERTICAL COVERAGE Varies, depending on array length and config
    CROSSOVER FREQUENCIES 800Hz, 3kHz passive
    PACKAGE SIZE 1260mm x 610mm x 630mm(1PCS)
    NET WEIGHT 52kg/1PCS