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WL 15 SW

When a strong sub-bass foundation is desired, the high power Sub-woofer WL15SW is the deal supplement to the Full Range Systems
The extremely compact dimensions of the WL15SW are just as convincing as the enormous sub-bass and the attainable maximum sound pressure.

The WL15SW is designed for universal use at the highest level. The subwoofer reproduces a lower frequency of 35 Hz for use as low frequency range system in theaters or in cinema as well as the precise contoured bass punch at live and club events.

The WL15SW is equipped with a newly developed 15" chassis which can bear peaks of up to 1.8kw, and because of its high linear deflection, it is capable of moving large volumes of air. The frictional losses and distortions which normally occur because of the high air velocity have been substantially reduced because of a new tunnel and enclosure design. Compared to conventional constructions, the exponential tunnel geometry of the WL15SW plays a crucial role in the outstanding performance and the compact dimensions.

Optionally, the WL15SW can be delivered with a selectable low-pass filter which facilitates, as desired, simple parallel operations with the Full Range Systems or the operation with an external active electronic system, i.e. with the digital system controller.

The WL15SW is an impressive bass system which combines excellent reproduction in the low-frequency-range with excellent sound pressure in compact form and is recommendable for a wide variety of professional uses.

WL15SW be used for WL6

Design 1-Way passive sub-woofer system
Freq. Response -10 dB 40 Hz 350 Hz
Freq. Response 3 dB 45 Hz 300 Hz
Directivity index (DI) 12 (+2/-3) 60Hz 120 Hz
Power handling (nominal) 450 W
SPL 2.83 V / 1 m 98 dB
Max. SPL 131 dB (SPL peeak / 1 m)
Components 15" sub woofer
Impedance 8 ?
Continous Power 450 W
Program Power 900 W
Frequency Range 40-350 Hz
Sensitivity (1w1m) 99 dB
Connectors 2x Neurik NL4 Speakon 1

Trapezoidal enclosure with extra cluster

Angles out of 18 mm multiplex with highly

Resistant structured paint in black,

8 ergonomic butterfly handles,

Ball proof steel grille with exchangeable,

Acoustic foam
Flyware 4 flying points
Dimension 678 x 520 x 475 mm
Weight (kg) N.W:37 G.W:40.2